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How You can Recover from a Fitness Injury with Optimum Results

Posted Jan 01 2012 8:40am

Challenges that come from coping with fitness injuries, are due in part to the suddenness of the injury itself. Often the stage immediately after the injury sets the course for your recovery. An important factor is keeping a positive attitude. For more severe injuries you may need to talk to your doctor to ensure your recovery. An option, besides your medical doctor, that not everyone knows about, is a sports psychologist. A psychologist who specializes in helping people cope with injuries will have the very best information that will help you. To learn how to cope with fitness injuries read below.

When it comes to many areas, visualization is a well known tool to attaining higher performance. It is just as easy to use this mental tool, to help you recover quicker and more completely. Athletes and other performance based artists have used visualization for decades with great success. Relax yourself first in a quiet room with few distractions. Everyone plays mental movies or visualizes things everyday. Create a mental movie that has you engaged in movement in your sport. See yourself doing the activity that you were engaged in at the time of your injury. Details are key, the more you add to each visualization session, the more powerful they are. Some have found them to be even more effective if other senses are engaged. Deciding to accept your injury and taking responsibility for your health and recovery is the most important decision you can make. Feeling angry, self pity, and other negative feelings is very common. So if it happens, just look at the situation for what it is, and then accept that it has happened and you need to get through it. If you can, have a word with your doctor and ask what all you can do to help the process along. Also, educate yourself about the psychology of sports injuries and recovery.You should also learn about your particular injury and the best way to deal with it.

What is your basic outlook, that is determined by your personality? How do you naturally view the world, through the lens of a pessimist or an optimist. So obviously you can see where we are going with this. If you know you have a tendency to look at things from a pessimistic point of view, then you will have your work cut-out for you. How you cope is ultimately up to you though. When it is all said and done, nothing changes the fact that the power to make this decision is yours.

The side effects of this situation may have a negative impact on your state of mind, however. These side effects can include things like weight gain. Someone who is typically active will have minimal body fat and be in good shape. Weight gain would exact a psychological toll on someone like that. Closely monitoring what you eat can help you avoid this problem entirely.

This has the added benefit of helping you to feel in control of your situation. Or, at least you can exert some control over the situation and that will have a very positive impact on a person’s mental well-being. Coping with a fitness injury can be difficult and a new type of challenge. Being knowledgeable about your injury is the key to having a successful and speedy recovery.

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