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How to Use the Neck Traction Collar for Neck Pain Relief

Posted Apr 15 2010 12:00am

The Neck Traction Collar comes in two neck sizes This Neck Traction Collar can be used for therapeutic traction while sitting. This portable lightweight neck traction inflates with dual bulbs to gently stretch and relax muscles for instant neck pain relief. Feel your neck muscles stretching out and pressure being taken off of the cervical nerves. Use for comfortable effective daily treatment. The neck traction unit can be used anywhere: sitting, watching tv, at the office, on the computer, at home- it does not require assembly or batteries. The Neck Traction Collar easily fastens with buckles.

How to Use the Neck Traction Collar:
Imagine wearing a cervical collar and being able to inflate it. That is what the neck traction collar basically does. The bladders are surrounded by foam. They inflate with dual bulbs to gently stretch and relax muscles for pain relief. The air release valve is push-button as opposed to screw-type, making it very easy to use. Also, the the two bladders can be inflated separately which means you can increase and decrease traction on both sides of the neck seperately allowing you to account for different neck postures such as a head tilt.

Sit upright in a comfortable chair. Simply place the neck traction collar around the neck and fasten the 2 buckles by reaching up behind your head. Familiarize yourself with the buckles so you can easily buckle and unbuckle them. One thing that also helps is to make sure the straps are loosened, this will make buckle fastening easier. You can easily pull on the strap to tighten them. Then you can very easily pump the bellows up for neck traction. To release, just press the release valves with your thumbs. So simple for quick easy neck pain relief!

  1. Prior to use, consult your physician or medical practitioner for your home treatment program.
  2. Place the collar gently on your neck with the opening in the back. The inflation bulbs should be in the front of the collar. Place your chin in the groove at the front of the collar. There should not be any squeezing sensation in your neck or discomfort.
  3. Fasten and adjust the collar with the buckles. The collar should only rest against your throat and neck. Behind the neck, the ends of collar may not necessarily touch; however, the bladders will still inflate the device evenly.
  4. To use the collar in a seated position, sit up straight with your back against the chair. Your head should be in a level position facing forward. For use lying down, a pillow is recommended.
  5. Inflate the collar by pumping the bulbs until a light stretch is felt in your neck. You can adjust the right and left sides by inflating the appropriate bulb to find the perfect pull.
  6. Your head should rest comfortably against the back of the collar.
  7. Pump the bulbs again until a pleasant stretch is felt. The bulbs should not be pumped more than 15 times on each side.
  8. Press valves to release the air pressure.

What is the Neck Traction Collar Constructed of:
The stretchable collar is constructed of plastic foam while the inflatable bladders inside the TracCollar contain natural rubber latex. The fabric covering is made of durable tricot composed from 97% cotton and 3% lycra. The Neck Traction Collar allows therapists to provide their patients with an effective traction treatment in their daily care.

Who Can use the Neck Traction Collar:
  • Pinched nerve in the neck
  • Cervical Disc Herniation , or a Disc Bulge
  • Numbness and tingling into the arms or hands
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Arthritis in the neck
  • Neck Pain and Stiffness
Are there any Contraindications about the Neck Traction Collar?
  • The Neck Traction Collar is not be used for recent sprain or strain to the neck, a neck injury or any acute conditions of the neck.
  • The inflation bulbs should not be pumped more than 15 times on each side, since maximum traction is achieved at that setting and damage to the collar could result.
  • The Neck Traction Collar is not meant to replace traditional physical therapy and rehabilitation. It should be used of a Doctor, Therapist or health professional.
  • The Neck Traction Collar is not to be used as a Stabilization Collar. It is a traction unit.
  • The bladders inside the TracCollar contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
  • Stop using the Neck Traction Collar if you feel light-headed, dizzy, nauseous or experience any pain. Consult with your health care professional- you may have to change how much pressure you are administering with the traction.
  • The neck traction collar should not be used if your neck has any external wounds.
  • Do not use the device while operating machinery, driving or walking. Keep the TracCollar away from sharp objects.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Are there Different Sizes for the Neck Traction Collar?
Yes, This Neck traction Collar is Available in two sizes and you need to measure your neck to determine what size will be right for you.

The Neck Traction Collar is a great stretching device that will provide you with neck pain relief. It is available at Arc4life , under the category " Cervical Supports and Neck Traction ".

Here is a Great Video showing your How to Use the Neck Traction Collar For Neck Pain Relief

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