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How to Treat Chronic Pain in Your Ankle

Posted Apr 16 2012 5:59am

Ankle pain and swelling is a common problem and affects millions of people. The causes of ankle pain are varied and can range from ligament sprains and ruptures to tendonitis, fractures and osteoarthritis. Chronic pain in your ankle is best treated at a professional pain management center. Equipped with the latest techniques, these multi-specialty centers ensure the best results for ankle pain treatment.  

Wide Array of Chronic Pain Management Modalities

Some of the common causes of chronic ankle pain are rheumatoid arthritis, sprains which injure the ligaments in the area and cause swelling, tendonitis that affects the tendons around the joint, damaged cartilage in the area, and gout. Regardless of the cause, the success of treatment lies in proper diagnosis.

After a thorough examination of the affected joint using x-rays and the latest technology such as an MRI scan if necessary, the specialists determine the correct cause of the pain. They then devise an individualized treatment program to relieve it. Pain management centers offer various treatment options for chronic ankle pain such as manual manipulation, physiotherapy and orthopedic solutions, and myofascial therapy.

• Initial manual manipulation procedures include manual manipulation of the knee-cap to lessen inflammation in the ligaments. This can progress on to therapist-aided manipulation from both a face-down and face-up position. Upon discharge, the patient is usually advised a home-exercise program to strengthen the leg muscles.

• Physical therapy for chronic ankle pain comprise solutions such as RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation), range of movement, stretching and strengthening exercises, electrotherapy, massage, splinting or bracing, footwear modification, and so on. Hot pack applications can help soften tissues, improve blood circulation and reduce pain. Medication to reduce orthopedic inflammation is also recommended.
• Myofascial release therapy focuses on relieving the soft tissue (fasica) restrictions that cause pain. The fascia is the tissue that surrounds the muscles and the fibers within them. The mysofascial massage resolves ankle pain by relieving the rigidity in the affected fascia.

Chronic Pain Treatment at a Competent Pain Management Center

Pain in the ankle can restrict free movement and if it progresses chronically, it may immobilize you. It is therefore best to seek professional help to treat chronic ankle pain. With the vast resources available, finding an established pain management center is not difficult. Besides specialists in various fields who can offer efficient non-invasive therapies to treat the chronic pain in your ankle, a competent facility would be one that offers customized treatment to improve your overall health and well-being.

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