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How to Stretch for Back Pain Relief

Posted Sep 17 2008 9:48pm
Back pain relief is simple, surely you just stretch a few muscles and your back pain miraculously disappears...

Sorry to break some bad news, but stretching will only remove at most a third of the issues causing your back pain. And that is if you stretch correctly!

Over the next few blog posts I will teach you some important stretches to do to help remove your back pain. After the stretches I will then post on strengthening techniques and finally the good stuff - how to get your jo
ints moving and how to balance your pelvis.

If you think this will take a while, then just fill in your name and email in the boxes on your right and you can get th
is information immediately.

So on to some stretches...

Calf Muscle Stretches

It may sound strange but your calf muscles are one of the important muscles to stretch for back pain. The reason is simple, they are postural muscles. If they tighten then your posture changes placing extra strain o
n your back - leading to back pain.

To stretch the calf muscle, remember to use a PNF stretch (stretch the muscle and then contract it for 6 seconds - read more here), and again 3 times a day (one especially before bed).


Lean against a wall, with your back leg straight and front leg bent. Lean forward to stretch the rare leg's calf muscle. Hold the stretch for 6 seconds while you contract the muscle, then rest and repeat 3 times. Repeat the opposite side and then repeat once more with the trailing leg bent.

Bending the trailing leg target the Soleus muscles which is the deeper of the calf muscles.

Remember, stretching only covers a third of the issues causing back pain. You need to strengthen muscles, get your joints moving freely and then rebalance your pelvis. Then and only then will you have complete back pain relief.

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