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Posted Oct 04 2010 10:45am

When I realised that my pain was here to stay and was something I had to learn to live with, I decided to research everything I could find on pain and how to deal with it.

I learnt about anatomy and physiology as I thought it was important for me to know and understand about my whole body. I did a home study course on 'Pain Management', and another on 'Acupressure' so I could treat myself without doing any harm.

I appreciate not everyone would be interested in this sort of pain management, but I had reached a time in my life where I had to decide which route to take to be 'in control' of it. I'd already had five spinal surgeries and another one was out of the question.

I now accept my pains are part of my life and how to cope with it. I obviously have the odd set back like I have had recently but I'm soon on top of it again. I am not qualified to advise anyone else on how to deal or cope with chronic pain but I do know that 'you can' deal with it and have a far more positive attitude to living you life even though you are in pain.

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