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how to raise blood pressure?

Posted by Trammi D. Facebook

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Dehydration could also be the reason to low blood pressure..Increase your fluid and salt intake.Ensuring you drink enough fluid will help by increasing the volume of your blood. Having more blood in your arteries will also increase your blood pressure.Having frequent meals will also help..

First of all ascertain symptoms point to dangerously low Blood Pressure. Symptoms like dizziness, lightheadness, bluming of vision, weakness, fatigue, nausea etc.

Drink plenty of fluid as dehydration may be the cause. Sports drinks or electrolytes help return lost minerals to the body, drinking these will help.  Provide something salty for patient to eat. Raise your legs or put on compression stocking to reduce blood pooling up in the legs and help in circulation. Also check if you are on regular medication, then it has been administered 

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