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How to Prevent Neck Pain at your Desk Job

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:39pm

Headache image I recently came accross a Good HouseKeeping Article that discussed how office workers have to deal with a lot of neck pain. I get quite a few emails about how working at the computer or desk all day can cause neck pain, stiffness in the neck,headaches, tight muscles, shoulder pain and upper shoulder tension.

Well its bound to happen if you sit in one position all day staring at a computer screen ! But the good news is that it is avoidable.

Executive editor, Jennifer Cook of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, said a recent study found that office workers who took frequent breaks and did some simple exercises had 41 percent fewer headaches and 43 percent less neck and shoulder pain.

Every two to three hours, stand with your back and head against the wall to do some easy exercises.

"Press your shoulders back so they're (against) the wall and then release them," Cook said.

Cook reccommends repeating this exercise a few times before moving onto the next exercise.

"And move your chin forward and back, keeping it parallel to the ground," said Cook.

This particular exercise is for stretching out your neck and shoulder muscles.

"Cup your hands behind your neck, and lift your head back and up slightly against the pressure from your hands and lower," Cook said.

Most types of neck pain aren't serious. But if you have neck pain so severe that you can't touch your chin to your chest for more than a few days, see your doctor.

Finally, look at the ergonomics of your workstation. Just moving around a few things can make a big difference in your comfort level. For example, the position of your computer monitor- is it eye level? Are your knees slightly lower than your hips when you sitting in your chair? Does your office chair have arm rests. Simple considerations of your environment can prevent neck and back pain.

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