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How To Cure Back Pain … and get a long lasting result

Posted Apr 12 2010 2:58pm

For those looking for a simple way to cure back pain, well there is some good news and some bad…

If you are looking for a magic bullet that will remove all your pain in just seconds, then you will be disappointed. Back pain relief is not rocket science, but it does take some time and effort to remove.

Sure you will see many snake oil salesmen offering you miracle cures and miracle products. However, you will soon realize that these are temporary fixes at best, and for most they will do very little.


Back pain is caused by certain processes and unless you remove these it will return. The bad news is that if you keep using temporary fixes, as times goes by the underlying reasons for your back pain will become worse.

This means it becomes harder to remove your pain, it will take longer to get results and you are more likely to develop chronic back pain issues.

If you want to cure back pain long term, then you must follow a simple plan that covers all aspects of your pain.

So what do you need to do?

There are a few areas you MUST look at:

You must first find the cause of your pain, this is the various imbalances that twist and distort your spine. Unless you know which distortion patterns you have you will not know what or where to target.

Detecting these patterns is simple, there are two main muscles that pull and twist your spine. Checking these for tension will indicate the type of pattern you have.

Once you know the imbalances the next step is removing pain - symptom relief. Don’t be fooled into believing that removing symptoms is bad. You will read that symptom removal should be avoided, that you should target the cause.

Yet I have never found a single person in my clinic that wants to remain in pain while we rebalance the distortion patterns.

Symptom relief is GREAT … as long as you still remove the causes at the same time. There are ways you can literally turn off the pain signals your body is releasing, so that you can address the causes while being pain free.

And you should remove the causes, which is the next step.

Removing the imbalances requires you to target both muscles and joints. Again, if you only stretch or exercise you will fail to remove ALL the causes and pain will return.

To rebalance the distortion patterns you must stretch and strengthen certain muscles and encourage joints to move freely. Your pelvis (which is the center of the distortion patterns) needs to be balanced also. This can only be achieved by using targeted joint techniques.

Once you correct these imbalances your work is still not complete. The final step is as important as the first step.

You now need to break the habits and train your body to stay pain free. These imbalances have occurred over time and have become a habit.

To cure back pain long term you must make sure these habits are removed. This is not a lifestyle change but making sure your body is rained to resist these imbalances returning. This is probably the simplest part of back pain relief.

Changing habits simply requires you to target the areas and reassess the imbalances regularly. This way you can asses your spine making sure the balances remain. Early detection and early intervention are the keys to getting long lasting results.


If you want a way to cure back pain , then you must follow a simple plan that covers all the steps to get long lasting back pain relief. Otherwise you are back to square one again soon.

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