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How does Loss of the Neck Curve cause Problems and Neck Pain?

Posted Sep 24 2010 12:00am
Your body works through a central computer. This computer is the brain. Essentially, messages travel from the brain down your spinal cord, and out the nerves to all parts of the body. The spinal cord is an extension of the brain. When our spine is in our normal, relaxed position, everything is working. Now, if we take out any curvature in the spine, we have a problem. This would be analogous to taking a relaxed rubber band and elongating it until you feel the resistance.

So, nice “C” curve in the neck equals relaxed cord. Elongating it out straight equals tension. This tension causes stress to the cord, and therefore inhibits nervous system function, which leads to neck problems. Many of us automatically think pain!, but this isn’t always the case. Neck issues or problems may mean headache, it may mean arm pain, maybe even mid-back problems. There are many unfortunate possibilities. The severity of the neck issue may depend on the amount of tension on the cord or tension on the nerves. Dr. Brieg actually won the Nobel Prize years ago because he proved how the loss of cervical curve can stretch the cord 5-7 cm and cause disease.

More specifically let's thank Swedish neurosurgeon Alf Brieg, nobel prize winner for this valuable information.

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Erik Dalton, Freedom from Pain Institute

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