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how do i relieve the pain in my neck/shoulder. what may be causing it.

Posted by kalookako9

i have pain in my neck and shoulder area it feels like a really really bad charlie horse that doesnt go away. its been a 9/10. ive tried heat with no real relief, i have taken percocet, vicodin, robaxin, soma and none have helped. i had a few of these left that were prescribed for my back pain. none of these medications have helped. it honestly feels like a really really bad charlie horse that wont go away. i have had bad back problems and this is worse than my back has ever felt. its lasted a full week now with no relief. its worse as i move and or exercise the muscles. it has caused severe migraines that were so bad it made me puke. i havent been sleeping well as pain is so bad. its on my left side and it has caused my arm and hand grasp to be weak and feels almost numb, i dont have the pins and needles feeling but it feels weak and numb. is there anthing i can do to help relieve this or do you have any suggestions as to what is causing it?


thank you 

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