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How do I alleviate my recurring back muscle spasms?

Posted by Missx

I have had recurring lower back muscle spasms ever since my car accident 5 years ago. I started doing hot yoga 3 years ago and have been pain free for that time. But recently i've had extreme back pain, spasms that have affected my mobility. Ive tried massage therapy, chiropractic care, ointments, heat and cold, and nothing is working. I don't want to resort to medication as I am not comfortable taking them. This has been very frustrating for me and I am willing to try anything at this point. 

 What can i do to alleviate this? Its been suggested to see my doctor, and Im unsure if this warrants taking that as a last resort.  Advice?

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Hi there Miss x

I too have had reoccuring back spasms since a car accident 4 years ago. Unfortunately my back problem started 15 years ago, although the reoccurances were quite some years apart previous to this time, during the past 4 years i would say that it has gone into spasm at least  6 times each occurance getting shorter between spasms i.e 6months and taking longer to heal. I have recently had a hamstring rupture which has again brought on a spasm after 7 weeks after having accident and has taken 7 weeks to straighten up! But I am still having problems sitting for longer than 15mins at a time. walking is pretty much ok but im still off work and it is now 14 weeks. I have been refered to a orthopedic consultant as its a continuing problem for me. My answer to you is yes go for another opinion at your Gps if there is an underlying problem then dont neglect it. Good Luck! hope it gets solved quickly. Ange

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