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How can you tell the difference between a neck strain or Neck pull? I did something to my neck and I can't tell which is what. H

Posted by stormigrl

I literally speaking started walking longer distances than usual and this past Tuesday when I returned from my walk I noticed I had a "kink" in my neck.

It's literally speaking between my left Collar bone to the base of my neck. When I try massaging the two areas it feels a little bit better but once I try to move my arm into a exercise circular motion the pain strikes for a short time frame goes from my neck down to my elbow then disappears.

Turning my head left to right is fine. Side to side hurts a tiny bit. Any release without medication?

I'm just trying to decipher between is this a Neck Strain or Neck Pull. (also turning my head to the left for too long does hurt more, more than pins and needles. Is there such a thing as "stressing the neck" from walking? I don't even wear an Ipod when walking. 

Your advice is appreciated.

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