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How Can The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow Help Correct My Posture?

Posted Feb 21 2010 1:37pm

This is very important.  When your neck posture is poor, that means your spine is also in poor alignment.  The traction neck pillow helps to restore good posture by correcting your neck alignment.


The neck roll that is built into the pillow helps to correct and/or maintain the normal cervical lordosis – your neck curve!  This is done when you lay on your back.  Correcting the neck curve helps to eliminate forward neck posture and a military neck.


When on your side, the pillow keeps your head level.  This equates to when you look at your posture from the front or back – your posture should be straight up and down here.  The neck curve is seen from the side view.  Too many people sleep with too much pillow, or not enough pillow.  This either cranks your neck up or down when on your side.  When your on your back, too much pillow will flex your head forward and no support will flatten your neck curve.


If you use the pillow regularly it works to train your body and spine to stay in good position and normal posture.

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