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How can it be!?

Posted by Amanda

I'm only 18, yet I have really bad backpain. I really only just got it around the springtime of last year, but its hurt ever since! I started feeling it in my lower middle back right after I started golfing again. I figured it was only because I was out of shape and it would get  better once I started golfing more and regularly. But NO! It still hurts. Mainly when I tense up or slouch in my seat. It makes it kind of hard to lift weights too, so I lately have just been taking it easy. I still live at home as I'm finishing up high school and I told my parents, which both work in a hospital. They say theres nothing the doctor can do, and it will get better over time. But nothing is getting better. If anything its getting worse. They also don't want me to go to a chiropractor, because i "don't need them messing with it"? Is there anything I can do to make it feel better? Even just a little?

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It kind of sounds like scoliosis, because I have it.  I'm not saying you do have it, but that's the first thing that came to my mind when I read your question.  If you're tall it might possibly be.  Also, it might be misproportioned muscle activity in your back.  If it's anything else, I wouldn't know.  But you might try to see a chiropractor and see what they say.

(when I saw one, they give me a free massage! haha)

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