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How Can I Stop Sleeping on my Stomach?

Posted Apr 21 2010 10:58am
What is the best sleeping position for you? I get this question a lot and have written a post on this in the past on Neck Pain Support blog . The best method is to make sure that every night you start out on your back or side. Keep in mind that sleeping on your side, but tilted toward your front is still side sleeping. Stomach sleeping is when you’re flat on your stomach or more flat than you are on your side. When you sleep this way it puts a lot of stress on your neck because you have to turn it to the side to breathe. This done over a long period of time will wreak havoc on your neck alignment and neck muscles.

Start out on your back or side, be patient because it’ll take some time to get used to or at least until you are comfortable enough to fall asleep. Always be conscious of this too. If you awake and find yourself on your stomach, roll over. You have to mentally train yourself to stop stomach sleeping.

Two pillows that may help you do this are the tear drop pillow and the Cervical Linear Traction neck pillow . The tear drop pillow acts more like a body pillow- it will give you stomach pressure and warmth that you’re used to. TearDrop Pillow for Stomach Sleepers It also is long enough that on your side will give you pelvis support. The traction neck pillow has a built in “V” for a gentle neck traction, however, this also works very well to hold you in position on your back.

So the key to get off your stomach is to change your sleeping habits. If you need help use one of the above pillows to help you shift from stomach sleeping to side or back sleeping. CLTPillow

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