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how can i releave my excruciating neck, shoulder and arm pain?

Posted by roc

I have this excruciating lower neck and shoulder  pain that runs down my  arm it really hurts around the elbow area i've had it for just over  a week now  been taking pain killers but doesn't seem to work the pain is excruciating and relentless i can't sleep at nights the only position is on my back once i move to either side it really  hurts  can someone Help me please?

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I would recommend that you have a cervical MRI to find out what is going on at the disc level in your neck. It is possible that you may have a disc bulge that is causing your neck and shoulder pain. When a nerve root in the neck is irritated or compressed, a patient will show certain signs and symptoms- such as weakness in the upper extremity, absence of reflexes in the upper extremity, and different sensations such as tingling, burning or numbness.  Pain Killers are only a temporary short term solution- they will just mask the pain, and not take care of the problem.

Have you tried cervical traction for your neck? Here is a great article- How to End Neck Pain by Doing a Cervical Traction Program at Home

Another great idea for sleeping comfortably at night is to roll up a towel and put that under your neck. Here is a great video that shows you how to create a towel roll at home for neck pain relief.

For pain relief you can also use ice on your upper back and neck for 10-15 minutes. Ice act as a natural analgesic for pain relief and helps to decrease inflammation.

How to Create a Neck Roll for Neck Pain Relief:

If you do well with the neck roll under your c- spine, consider getting a cervical linear traction neck pillow because it will give you traction while you sleep on your side or on your back.

Have you considered what you are doing that you dislike? It is the dislike and the way that you are trying to overcome, by either  using the pain as a  reason not be enduring the thing you dislike, or as an excuse towards any blame or failure of the task. It also can be that you are looking for some sympathetic attention for the people concerned for the expectation they have of you. There is no end to what we do, we are just taken for granted and we get little appreciation to what we do. As time goes on the task that we are expected to do gets harder to execute and with the nature of aging we have to put a greater effort to fulfil the task. This extra effort is never appreciated so the little pain that i have manifested is adequate for the sympathy or to be used against the dislike and to get a little break from achievement / fulfilment.  May you feel better  soon.  May you have the strength, courage, confidence and effort to lead a eventful wholesome life. May you be happy, healthy, peaceful and content.  With much respect and humbleness Bikku Dhammagawesi
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