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Herniated Disc Treatment in San Francisco with the DRX 9000 Offering New Hope to Back Pain Sufferers. Many choose NOT to Have S

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

As a San Francisco Chiropractor treating chronic, severe, low back and neck problems for almost 15 years,   I did not ever dream I would see the day when we could help patients that were in such bad shape. Chiropractic has great success treating most cases, but there is a segment of back pain conditions that fall into the category of "chronic and severe". What you will find with cases like this, are patients that do not respond to conventional chiropractic, physical therapy, or even cortisone(not that this is a good solution). These patients tend to have badly degenerated spines, herniated discs, sometimes at multiple levels, deconditioned core spinal muscles, and often times spinal and foraminal stenosis. Stenosis (occlusion of an opening) occurs when the herniated discs, or bony degeneration has decreased the diameter of the spinal canal or nerve opening causing pressure and malfunction (arm pain, sciatica, numbness, tingling, weakness). But, in the past year and a half, since I incorporated spinal decompression therapy using the DRX 9000, I have helped so many patients get their lives back that I am a believer. I'm talking about patients that have had no where to turn, either they do surgery or live with the pain. I have had many patients undergo treatment that have even had surgery (that did not work). As long as there is no metal in the spine (hardware from surgery), tumors, infections, severe osteoporosis, recent compression fractures,  and some other contraindications, we can put you on the machine. If you have had a discectomy, laminectomy, laminotomy, or some other kind of micro-surgeries you will probably qualify for treatment. Does everyone get better ? Of course not, this is not magic and there are limitations of matter. In addition, we do not call on the machine to do the job all by itself. There is extensive home care and lifestyle modifications we recommend to create fertile soil for the healing to take place. The complete story about our disc herniation treatment program was detailed as the feature story in the May, 2006 edition of M.D. NEWS Magazine. Click here: Download final_md_news.pdf.

Our goal is to help you take the spine to a better, healthier, stronger place so that you can get more out of life. You can always have surgery. This treatment becomes something that you can try that does not involve pills or knifes. It's something to seriously consider if you feel you have nowhere else to turn.   

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