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Herniated Disc Exercises. How do I know what I should Do ? Can Exercising Too Soon make me worse ?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:34pm

If you're like most disc pain patients, the first thing you want to do as soon as your back starts feeling better is exercise. However, this is where we need to be careful. Depending on the nature and severity of your spinal condition, we may need to tip toe into the rehabilitation phase of your treatment. I have had many patients do too much too soon.

There are many forms of back exercises. Your doctor will prescribe what is best for you based on your specific problem, age, weight, and overall level of health. There is a starting point for everyone. You may start with some mild stretches, then move up to a swiss exercise ball or floor exercises for disc and sciatica. Or, you may do some Yoga stretches for herniated discs. Some clinics have more advanced spinal rehabilitation such as the SpineForce machine by LPG of France.

Md_news_photos_008 The SpineForce machine is the only machine in the world that was specifically designed to assess and treat the "Core" spinal muscles. These muscles are very hard to exercise and require the body to be put in an unstable environment in order to activate them. It's the same principle at work when you see people in the gym doing exercises on boards that wobble. However, this could be very unsafe for herniated disc patients. The SpineForce machine is very safe and very stable. I have exercised many 90 year old and up patients on my machines.  It's the perfect compliment to the DRX9000 spinal decompression treatment.

About 25% of our spinal decompression patients do our in-house rehab. The rest do home care the is closely monitored by one of our doctors. Or, we prescribe physical therapy and refer out if we feel there are more specific needs. Either way, spinal exercises are a big part of recovering from a herniated disc condition, and if done when the time right will enhance the treatment.

If you have specific questions about spinal rehabilitation for herniated discs, then please fill out ourFree online consultation formor call 415 392-2225 and ask for a complimentary consultation. We also offer free trials of the SpineForce at our Financial District location.

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