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Posted by mightymike

2004 while weight lifting vision went clear white for 10 sec started hyperventilating and heart racing with profuse sweating. When reclined symptoms are reduced.

Have constant nausea/ slight vision issues when I have this reaction sweating and unsteady gait. Symptoms brought on by exertion or jarring of neck/back by climbing steps or pushing/lifting/or pulling something.

Had MRI MRA CAT PET SCANS of skull/ necl/thorasic all neg.

Cat of full body neg. Shows some moderate foramanal stenosis c 5/c6

When injury occurred while lifting sounded as if someone was squeezing ketchip packets past my right ear.

Right side of neck constantly lightly swollen with pressure feeling at base right side muscle area.

Nerve EMG /IMG neg for pinched nerve in neck or legs.

All doctors do some tests and then say Don't know what is causing issues and pass me to another doctor.

Had 3 Hospital stays cause reaction causes HeaRT TO RACE AND DIZZINESS for short 1o sec stints and hyperventilation at times like getting hit in the center of the back when your breath is taken away.

Told sympathetic nervous system ok. May be vaso/vega nerve response or autotomic nerve injury or 5 level brain stem. No conclusion just guesses.

All I know is when I put a 99 cent bag of frozen peas on right side of neck and leave for hr symptoms dissipate and sometimes go away. When I lay down symptoms dissipate and are relieved also.

4 plus years with no answers. Need help /cant continue to live like this. Can't run/play sports/do stairs or travel /lift or strain to do work without fear of a reaction.

Heart work up inc 2 stress tests neg blood work up all on the money.

Reaction is pressure right side of neck and sometimes radiates over head like brain freeze when eating icecream. Sometimes comes with head ache or pressure feeling in temple. Nausea and dizziness comes with it. Difficulty with bal at times.

Any ideas or suggestions to go to for help or what to look for as cause.

I was just told to get new general practitioner and start over


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You mentioned: moderate foramanal stenosis c 5/c6 - have you considered looking into a treatment called non surgical spinal decompression for the cervical spine. Specifically, there is a machine called the drx9000C they may be of benefit to you. The Dr can determine if you are a candidate for this treatment. It is non surgical in nature, and does not have any side effects.
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