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Help...swollen lymph gland and painful neck with dizzyness and headaches.

Posted by renis

I have had swollen lymph glands on right side of neck for 7 weeks, which are painful causing right side temporal headaches, pain in neck around glands and pain in back of neck near base of skull down right hand side neck.

I have also been feeling quite dizzy/lightheaded for 7 weeks and have had a mild temperature on and off. Originally it went on for 4 weeks then went away for 2 weeks and has now been back again for 3 weeks.  

All blood tests normal, inlcuding mono tests ie no infection,increased white cells etc and other viral tests normal....ultrasound shows and enlarged lymph node, MRI for brain and neck was normal, although neck concentrated on cervical area and only briefly on the front of neck.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be or further testing for diagnosis as my doctor has no idea?

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Ive had the swollen glands off and on sense high school I couldnt eat for weeks b/c it would get sooo bad. I never had the headaches or dizziness. I would go to the doctor they would do blood work and nothing came abnormal they would prescribe an antibiotic. The antibiotic hardly did anything for me. Then I started to work at a vitamin store and they told me to rest, drink green tea, drink plenty of water and eat lots of greens when I feel it coming. This remedy really works for me, Within days its gone! 
Especially drinking the green tea.

Hi there,

 I have had the same things happening for a while now myself.  And like you all of my blood work has come back fine. My salvitory glands are swollen and sore and wont ever go down.  It's been years, as well as the swollen glands in the back of neck.. They caused major headaches and such. I was put on an antibiotic and then a antibiotic booster. ?? what ever that is then they gave me a shot in the other hip for pain. The headaches and dizziness finally went away after that. My only other advice is Drink plenty of water. The say your lympnodes only swell when they're fighting something. So try to help flush it out.  I also has a low grade fever.  for weeks and weeks.. It finally went away after those shots in the hips. Sorry I can't tell you what exactly they were. But because the antibiotics that the first Doc gave me weren't working.. The emergency Doc gave me a booster to help it. I hope this helps a little. If nothing else, I am glad I am not alone in all these weird feelings.

Thanks for posting


I've had that problem before. I once passed out when I was a teenager and the doctor stated that my glands had swollen enough to cut off the oxygen supply to the brain which can cause you to pass out. That would explain the dizzyness. They would just give me tetracycline and it would go away. They always checked me for mono too. Never found anything. I believe it is usually brought on by allergies. Seem to follow a pattern. Check and see if they is a pattern? Spring and Fall.  Best of Luck - Vickie C.


I have the same issue, and typically a trip to the chiropractor will take care of it.  C-2 or Axis is usually out.
i have had a swollen lymph node in my neck,under my right ear for 2 years,it makes me dizzy from time to time,iv allways got a runny nose and when i get a cold the lymph node herts
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