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Help Please: Burning pain in Left Trap, shoulder pain, limited range of motion in arm

Posted by IreneP

I have awful, terrible, burning pain in my left trapazoid area,  pain on top of shoulder that goes down my arm (not to my fingers).   lifting my arm (chest level) causes severe pain and/or I cannot lift my arm.  If my arm is extended fully upward (like brushing my hair) It is difficult for my arm to go back down.

- When my arm pain is at its worst - wearing a sling does help

* This was all caused by a massage on 6/27.  The masseuse worked extensively on a knot at the site of: the upper/inner side of my trapazoid.

* I can say: This was my first and last massage! I would appreciate some direction - each dr says something different.  PT was recommended, which ultimately hurt me more.   I rather have a definite diagnose before continuing PT. 

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