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Hello. I am thinking about getting a TENS device in hopes to relieve very bad muscle knots in my back, particularly near my left

Posted by Mane76

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Hi Mane76- A tens unit is a great treatment for muscle spasms and back muscle knots that you mentioned. What does TENS Stand for? Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This TENS unit is a pocket size, portable, battery-operated device that sends electrical impulses to certain parts of the body to block pain signals. The electrical currents produced are mild, but can prevent pain messages from being transmitted to the brain. They may also raise the level of endorphins (natural pain killers produced by the brain). You can get analog tens unit or digital t.e.n.s.

I would recommend that you use the tens in conjunction with hot moist packs or an ice pack-  it will be more effective and provide greater relief.

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