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Healthy Heat For Pain Relief

Posted Sep 16 2008 12:00am
How great would it be if there was something that could...

* Lower blood pressure

* Burn off stubborn body fat

* Strengthen the immune system

* Erase years of pain in just minutes

* Flush toxins from your body

* Plus help with dozens of other conditions

That would be great, I know... but that can't possibly be...could it?

Well this is just SOME of what "Far Infrared Heat Therapy" can do for you.

Click here to learn more about Healthy Heat
Pain Relief Wherever You Go...

If you have read my blog you will know that I am a fan of heat for pain relief and I used heat in various forms-disposable one use heat pads, hot water bottle, hot tub etc to help relieve the pain of my back pain but this goes a few steps further.

The team over at the Healthy Back Institute have just released a "MOBILE" version of their "Healthy Heat" far infrared heating pad.

It charges in only 15 minutes and provides up to 4 hours of soothing and healing heat.

Plus, the best part is you can strap it around your back (or any other body part that hurts) and go about your can wear it while at work, driving, doing chores, even exercising. That is a huge bonus.

But here's the catch...

Because they wouldn't let me mention it to you until they offered it to their customers first, they only have 47 units available and I am sure that they will sell out fast - and once they do, they will mark it as "out of stock" on the website. So please do not miss out if you want one!

That is exactly what happened when they first introduced the pad version of this product several months ago - they were back ordered for several weeks. So please go and check it out now...

Click here to read more about Healthy Heat

And if you have any questions about it be sure to let me know.

Talk to you soon...
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