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Health, Vitality, Plant Foods, and Billionaire's

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:34pm

San Francisco Vegan Chiropractor comments:

Nav_main_dole1 I read a story (in the October 2007 issue of Bloomberg Market Magazine ) last night about the billionaire owner of Dole Foods, David Murdock . His wife died a while back at the age of 49   from cancer. After this happened he decided to learn all he could about what causes cancer and how we can protect ourselves from it. Little did he know the very fruits and vegetables that his company was already producing and selling would have most likely saved his wife's life (according to him), if she only would have centered her diet around them, instead of the typical American diet that she so enjoyed.

So, he decided to make (his life's passion) it easier for Americans to get the fruits and vegetables that they need by making pre-cut fruit and vege plates available in the produce Dept's of supermarkets. In fact, Dole Foods, is the #1 producer of these fruit and vegetable platters, as well as pre-washed ready to eat salads in bags.

Dole foods also spends quite a bit of money on health information pamphlets that they distribute to schools and make available to the public.  And, Mr. Murdock practices what he preaches. He is a vigorous 84 years old and weighs 150 lbs with very low body fat. He travels 200,000 miles per year on his private jet, and is convinced our health is directly connected to the way that we eat.

And I AGREE 100%

Mr. Murdock says "just go to any mall in America and look around at people, you can tell what they eat."

He is on a mission to make America healthier. He is building a $1.25 billion dollar research center in Kannapolis, North Carolina that will focus on researching the benefits of fruits and vegetables and their role in disease prevention and cures. WOW...this guy is for real.

The bottom line is this...If you want to lose weight, look better, live longer, and reduce the chances of getting diseases of heart disease and cancer...EAT PLANT FOODS.

My #1 source of information when it comes to plant based nutrition is Dr. John McDougall, M.D.

Check him out. You will be glad you did. 

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