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Health is spontaneous when the conditions are right

Posted Feb 04 2010 12:00am

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

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A business operates best when the conditions are right. Same with a marriage, a child's upbringing, even a picnic. In fact, everything works best under certain conditions...including your health...especially your health. It's a spontaneous occurrence.

So what are the conditions of health? Another-words, how do we create the optimum internal environment for all the cells, tissues, glands and organs of the body to thrive and function as intended?'s not daily trips to McDonald's, lack of exercise, mental stress and martinis. And this is not even an extreme example. And for your kids, it's not Fruit Loops, candy bars, sodas, and macaroni and cheese...and playing video games all day. Self control is a condition of health.

Humans by design function best on a diet centered around plant foods. Meat and dairy products contain no fiber and are loaded with calories, fat, cancer, and inflammation causing animal proteins (see foods that fight inflammation). And the processed foods that the typical American gorges on (and feeds their kids) are loaded with calories, trans fats, salt and sugar (a major cause of stroke, heart disease, and cancer).  Americans spend 90% of their food budget on processed foods. No wonder 70% of Americans are obese or overweight. Or sick all the time. A plant centered diet is a condition of health.

The best resource I know of for plant based nutrition is John McDougall, MD

Life is motion. Our body's stay healthy when they are able to move. They wither away when they don't or cant. Healthy muscles and bones need exercise...plenty of it. A sedentary lifestyle is not healthy. Plenty of exercise is a condition of health.

And the body is 2/3 water...just like the we need plenty of good clean water. We should be drinking it all day long...not sodas and sugar drinks. These are blimp foods...they will blow you up...and your kids. Plenty of clean water is a condition of health.

They call mental stress the silent killer. Some people handle it better than others. One thing for can be a primary cause of decreased immune function, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Managing stress is a condition of health (see the mindfulness meditation)

The spine is the center of life. The spine contains the spinal cord which is an extension of the brain. The spinal cord branches off into nerves which exit from in between the bones of the spine and travel to all the cells, tissues, glands, and organs, controlling and regulating their functions. In order for this to happen as intended, the spinal cord and nerves must be free of interference. Misaligned vertebrae (subluxations) can interfere with nerve transmission and cause the body to break down...leading to symptoms and disease. Proper spinal alignment is a condition of health.

When we live an unhealthy lifestyle with poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and bad habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, drugs, or tobacco...we lower our immune system and our body becomes fertile soil for sickness and disease. We actually steer ourselves in the direction of illness.

However...when we live a healthy lifestyle we steer ourselves in the direction of health.

So why not focus on creating these conditions? And to the extent you are able do this...the results will be proportional. It's not All or None. The more you do, the more you benefit.

And did you notice there are no magic bullets here? It's really common sense isn't it?

It's just that for some reason we try to screw it up by trying to figure out ways to have our cake and eat it to. Hey...maybe someday science will figure it all out and you can live like you were going to the electric chair tomorrow and still live to be 120. But you are alive now. And if you want to remain that way for a long period you better create the right conditions's that simple.

Dr. Eben Davis is clinic director of Executive Express Chiropractic in downtown San Francisco.




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