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Headaches and Pinched Nerves in the Neck

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:33pm 5 Comments

San Francisco Chiropractor and Former Headache Sufferer Comments:

Sps05821 Headaches are one of the most common reasons patients go see a doctor. I actually became a chiropractic patient because of very severe migraine headaches and associated neck pain.

None of the many medical doctors I went to could figure out what was wrong. I had a brain scan, and all kinds of tests...they just did not know what do...other than prescribe Percodan which I developed an allergic reaction to and almost died.

It was a chiropractor that finally cured my headaches. He took x-rays and did his chiropractic exam, and told me I had pinched nerves in the neck, and that pinched nerves was a very common cause of migraine headaches and neck pain.

This was news to me. Of course I did not believe it...that is until I started feeling better after the first visit. The chiropractor recommended 30 sessions because the headaches were so severe and I had had the problem for so long. I quit after 10 and the headaches came back. I started over again and went through the entire program, and I have never had that kind of a headache ever again.   

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I have had severe, chronic headaches for over six years.  The many doctors I went to, did nothing for me, but prescribe narcotics. I now have no life and many suicidal thoughts. I feel totally debilitated and guess what?, I still have unbearable, daily pain and pressure in my head. I have a pinched nerve in my neck. Could this be the problem from Hell! Help! 
I would consider chiropractic. I became a chiropractor because of my life changing experience as a patient with severe migraine headaches. Sometimes medicine has no answers for headaches. It would be my next move if I were you.

I have been experiencing sharp headaches over the left eye, for several weeks. My doctor seems to think I have a pinched nerve in the brain. He has prescribed carbatrol (an anticonvulsant). I have been experiencing unpleasant side effects, as a result. The medication has provided no relief. I was wondering if my problem might be a result of a pinched nerve in my neck or back, caused by the fact that I drive for a living. Would chiropractic treatment be recommended?

I would try to find a chiropractor near you. It's worth a shot.
I've been having short dull aches in one temple and then the other. It seems to switch sides almost daily. My jaw aches too. I do have neck pain and "muscle knots" (I think) along my shoulder blades. I've been to the doctor numerous times, and they don't think anything is there. Ofcourse, I think the worst... aneurysm... brain tumor... infection... I'm not sure where to go from here. I also feel pressure in my head. Please help if you can. Do you think Chiropractor??? Does this ring any bells with a pinched nerve or misalignment??? Thanks for your help...
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