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having strong twitches persistently on the right side of my back up to my right armpit for over 2 weeks symptom of anything?

Posted by blue42

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Most likely it is either a muscle strain in that area that is putting pressure on a nerve, this is why you are having radiation of the spasm upwards.  It could also be do to misalignment of one of your upper back vertebrea or even ribs.  Do you remember how or exactly what you were doing when they started?
I noticed that I have lost feeling/sensitivity on my big toes a few months ago, and though maybe i had a pinched nerve or something. Now the twitching on my right side of my back has been occurring for like 2 weeks very persistently. They feel like electirc currents and go from my mid back (but on the right side) to up into my armpit area. I have not had any injuries recently that could have onset these symptoms. Thanks for your help.
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