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Have a hernia, but having back pain, pain around a mole on back, pain going from back up to shoulder and neck sometimes, and clo

Posted by jacy0426

I have sleep apnea. I know I have at least one hernia, maybe more but havent been to doctor since I have no insurance at the moment.  Sometimes I have sharp pains in the lower abdomin, on either side every once in a while. I have been having bad back pain that just started from a temp job I was working and since my back has been hurting spreadin around to the front up my right shoulder and into my neck sometimes. (pinched nerve?) I also have a mole on my lower back that is sore like since I started hurting. My urine is cloudy and seems to clump together or settle (like orange juice) Im 44, have a four year old, dont smoke, drink. drink lots of colas but have all my life. eat pretty decent. Im 5'7 and about 185.  alot of my wieght is in front as if i were pregnant but Im just thinking that is hernias and where I gain most of my wieght. Thanks for any suggestions. I know it could probably be anything or a mix of things but since I will be without insurance for awhile, my hernias are my main concern. I need to know signs that they are getting worse. I just started to have the cloudy urine. Thanks!!!!
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