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Hard muscle in neck

Posted by bellykelly_99

The muscle on my right side of my neck has become quit hard from bottom of my ear to shoulder. I have seen a MD but he said it is only muscle hardening and scar tissue. What treatment will releave the tightness. I become fatigued just stilling and holding head upright. I have also visited a chiropractor and message therapist and it took a long time for muscle to  become loose but it hardeness back. Can this be because of posture and how do I releave the muscle. No pain. Thanks

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Kelly, I've read your message and I must say that I have exactly the same hardening on the right side of my neck as well.

I've tried deep tissue massage, heat therapy, Accupuncture & even had Botox injection but NOTHING has worked!!

Have you been able to solve the mystery yet - I can't!

I'd really like some help with this as well


The key is to relieve nerve pressure in the neck.  This is why the therapy and chiropractic have at least worked in the short term.  You need to correct your neck posture and alignment which takes some time.  For example when you get adjusted alignment corrects and the nerves are frr from pressure but the old nasty spinal habits return (poor posture) and you get pressure again.  The nrves communicate to the muscles, and if we have block in that communication the muscles get imbalanced and bind up into those hard triigger points or knots.

Usually what needs to be done is supplement you massages and adjustments with a good neck pillow at night and neck tractioning.

I have changed pillows at night, have not been back to chiro (scared its making it worse). I have recently went to my MD because I have been having tension headaches which I believe is coming from my neck. He gave me no real good answers. Do you think that maybe some muscle relaxer injected in my neck would help do the trick? Thanks


I have the exact same problem. Hard muscles in the right side of my neck(but with pain and heat). I have been to my doctor and was referred to physiotherapy where i did postural correction and she released the muscle for a short time. I have changed my pillow and have used heat treatments on the area. The problem seems to be getting worse and i sometimes notice sensation on that side when i swallow. i was prescribed pain killers/anti-inflammatories and they relieved the pain temporarily. Being a masseuse i work on the area everyday yet it is not helping. I find the ache is worse at night time. My doctor has finally referred me to a specialist as he thinks the problem may be more than just a muscle spasm. I am currently waiting for a referral letter.
I have this too, but on both sides.  It can cause headaches and I have some level of pain every day.  I would love to hear if anyone comes up with a solution.  I see a chiro about every 3 weeks and a masseure I try to have at least once a week.  It does not release the neck, but keeps the pain from being overwhelming.
I have these same problems. NOTHING WORKS!!!! I've been to chiros, had shots, heat/cold, TENS, massages...temporary relieve (only mask pain for few moments) but pain is ALWAYS there. Started with (r) shoulder & neck pain. Now it's moved to both sides. I think it's the muscles in my neck that are woren out. Dr's test, MRI's, CT's...they don't know. But I know this, it gets worst every year & pills don't help. Headaches are bad, the burning between my shoulder blades, the tightness in my neck....if anyone can figure out what is wrong with us, PLEASE share the info!!!!!
Sounds to me very much like cervical dystonia, especially when you said you have to hold your head up.  I have exactly the same symptoms and receive botox injections that help enormously.  You should read up on CD and see for yourself whether it sounds like the condition you have.  Many doctors, unfortunately, know little about cervical dystonia.  I diagnosed myself and then told my GP what I thought it was before getting any treatment.  I was fobbed off for many months by the medical profession.
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