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Posted Mar 08 2011 11:01pm

March 17, 2010 by drdebracorum

In the spirit of green, I decided to come up with a list of green-colored foods that you should stay AWAY from. I say green-colored foods because these are all foods that were colored to be green or are healthy green foods that are then taken advantage of. Some may be hard to hear about today, but hey – you can always start making changes tomorrow! It’s never too late.

1) MOUNTAIN DEW. None of us are the aliens from the movie Men in Black (1997)…..we don’t need sugar-water to stay alive. It seems a waste of money to buy a drink that is loaded with sugar, caffeine, water, and artificial ingredients that just leaves you craving more sugar and ultimately more tired. You have an excuse? Because you drink Diet Mountain Dew – think again! That’s a topic for another day.

2) FRIED JALAPENOS/FRIED GREEN BEANS. Ok, I understand that after they have been battered and fried they take on more of a golden color – but there is still some glimmer of green shining through. Not fried, these foods are actually excellent for you. But frying something completely takes away the nutritional value. Sorry!

3) MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM. Has anyone ever compared Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream to those of other brands? It’s not some crazy shade of fake green! I am all about indulging on special occasions, but if you are going to – try to find the products with the least amount of ingredients, the least amount of artificial flavorings and colorings, and the shortest shelf-life.

4) SLIME. I know you remember this. They used to drown people in it on popular Nickelodeon shows. Did you know that it is actually edible? Supposedly it is made up of green jello, flour, oatmeal, lots of green dye, and other binding ingredients. Regardless if it is edible, even if you find yourself in a situation where you feel tempted to eat it – please resist. :)

5) JELLY BELLY GREEN JELLY BEANS. They come in green apple, juicy pear, kiwi, lemon lime, margarita, and watermelon. Just because they are shaped like a nutritious bean and named after fruit doesn’t mean you can pop handfuls all day.

6) GREEN BEER. I know. I know. This is the change you will make TOMORROW. Heavy beers are full of calories and drinking it lowers your inhibitions….which then might cause you to eat more than you normally would. Beer can harm your liver if consumed in excess….which might be happening today for some! Drink in moderation. And know that just because its dyed green today – doesn’t mean it counts towards your vegetable servings!



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  1. Good advice, Dr Corum. There is no nutrition an any of those foods. All empty calories.

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