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Posted Sep 24 2011 1:35am
He saw los coagulants and XuZhiQing is wait him, coagulation son exciting way. "eldest brother, I listen to the little far said. Have the c. was out something, isn't it."Lin night with a smile and rubbed his temples. "sort of value is not great, the only harvest, is to know the thief in jining in the nest around. I have commanded hu don't return for. If you can catch fish, find pandora beads the location of the hidden silver directly, it would be nice. But I estimate the possibility is not big. These dogs thief slid like, last night with its government that did not return the touts tried a night, they smell flavor, coupled overnight transfer also perhaps. So, this matter, still have to depend on ourselves." los blunt he sweet a smile. "eldest brother, the eldest brother of son believe that can do it." She take the side from a small basket handed to forest and late in his hand. "eldest brother, eat breakfast. This is my sister xu and rose up in the morning handmade, is still hot."Miss xu had breakfast. This how not bashful. Linda people ha ha smiled two sound, the miss xu arch, "miss xu salutes the too polite, Lin mou I deserve it.everybody don't eat, false." XuZhiQing snorted. However, this attitude, has much better than yesterday, at least for Linda do pastry, who also don't know of son and what she said.It was MaMaLiang, on both sides of the lake in a boat, more and more people will be great barrier on both sides of the Taiwan straits was jammed.Linda in the serve of son under eaten breakfast and stand up perfectly round belly, he patted pandora canada immediate situation, immediately dumbfounded. The curiosity of people, it's the endless. Thanks to sent military forces, last night to keep the rotation, otherwise, the light on both sides of the boat people, can make a mess on linen weishan lake. Lucky that lucky, Linda people with the forehead cold sweat.Los gone after will convey to be back, still follow behind the old man and better yesterday hundreds of strong strong man."My Lord." ShaoGong old man come out fuels way. "the little old son luckily not RuMing from yesterday morning. To this day, we ChenShi were" nets 60 department, every four, for a two hundred and forty.mile. That three hundred thousand fries has also arrived, pandora canada long as adults, they can put into the lake command. We rotation ZhuangLaoLi thousands of people on both sides of the fishermen, waiting for adults callGreat." Linda delighted people hold his hand. "uncle, you ask everyone to put 60 department nets all open, and part of the placed in 60 miles away, everyone on the lake in a small boat pull. Another part of the pandora bracelets respectively in the shore, since pulled. Each nets on both sides of the distance between kept for zhang, don't too far away from. There is a must to remember, the six miles of the surface of the water, all wrapped in nets.This is no problem, we have a plenty of labor, our net also have a plenty of." The old man proud to say with smile. "just little old son don't understand, it is early spring season, the lake nothing can be fish, the remove of we all in DongChu last year, and now to get light so many nets, can remove.Last
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