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Hamstrings & Back Pain Relief

Posted Sep 18 2008 5:43pm
Hopefully you have read our other posts on back pain relief and know that your Calf muscles are an important muscle to stretch. If not, then after reading this post go to the archives and read the post on the calf stretches.

Your hamstrings – one of the important muscles to stretch for back pain. Why?

Your hamstrings attach into the base of your buttocks and reinsert just below your knee. You use the hamstring to move both your knee and your hip. If your hamstrings are tight, then they pull down on the pelvic bone which helps to cause the pelvic imbalance.

Pelvic imbalances along with joint disruption are common causes of back pain, as are muscle weakness and tight muscles. To remove and prevent back pain completely you need to remove all of these 4 issues, or back pain will return or fail to disappear.

Hamstring stretches are common; however as there are different parts to your hamstring a standard hamstring stretch fails to target all the muscle. The following is a simple stretch you can do to release tension in your hamstrings completely, helping also to ease back pain.

Again the main points for stretching are this – you need to know what to stretch, it is important to know how to stretch, it is essential to know when to stretch.

The “how” and ”when” are the most important factors as these help to ease the tension quicker and permanently.

To stretch your hamstrings, the easiest way is to place your foot onto a ledge, table or chair. Have your foot face up towards the roof. You then lean forward keeping your back as straight as possible, until you feel a pulling sensation in the muscle. Hold this tension while you contract the muscle (in other words you push your foot into the chair/table towards the ground) and hold the tension for 6 seconds. You then rest your leg on the ground and take a deep breath in and out and repeat 2 more times.

The tension you use to contract the muscle is not a large force, you are contracting the muscle at approximately a 20-30% increase in tension, so not a heavy contraction.

Once you complete this stretch on both sides, then repeat again with your foot turned inwards and then again with your foot turned outwards. Turing your foot helps to target the outer and inner fibers of your hamstrings which are commonly missed when your foot is facing directly upwards.

And it is as simple as that to stretch your hamstring muscles. Remember, stretching only covers at most a third of the issues causing back pain. If you want to have permanent relief from back pain you need to stretch muscles, improve the nerve and blood supply to the muscles, get joins moving correctly and balance your pelvis. Doing this will give you complete and permanent back pain relief.

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