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good and bad posture

Posted Sep 05 2009 7:18am

Mark Perren-Jones from Isla Verde Spa Boquete

posture pics 004The other day I was walking through the spa and decided to get out the camera and take photos of the staff. Yes, it’s the posture police!


I thought I would take a look around and noticed (after writing volumes on the causes of  neck pain, shoulder and back pain) that bad posture was rife in my own back yard! I am sure you will all become more and more aware of people who have poor posture as you become more aware of your own bad posture (or hopefully your own good posture). We fall into such bad habits so easily.  I remember my mother telling me to ‘sit up straight’, and all the while I thought it was purely for aesthetic reasons because  if you sit or stand up straight you look better, more confident etc. well, yes that’s true but it also means that you will  most likely be pain free as well! As a teenager I really didn’t care for Mums advice because I didn’t suffer from  posture pics any pains. When you are younger you tend to be able to get away with poor postural habits and not suffer the immediate consequences. However, as we get older we can’t get away with the things we used to. There is an old Chinese saying “before 30 you can cheat illness, after 30 illness cheats you”. I can vouch for this because I never suffered aches or pains before I turned 30, and I am sure it was almost the day after my 30 th  birthday that I felt my first pain. The good news is this, we don’t have to accept that just because we are older we have to live with pains, or accept pains as a part of ‘the aging process’,  we just have to take more notice of what is actually happening to our bodies and understand what’s causing our pain. And this is what this site is all about-to get you to understand what causes your pain and how YOU can help yourself to become pain free.

To learn more about neck pain and why it happens see:  why does my neck hurt?  And also for what’s happening when you suffer from lower back pain see:  lower back pain, disc problems, and sciatica

posture pics 005

Please look at the photos, two of the staff suffer from lower back pain and neck and shoulder tension whilst the other does not suffer at all. See if you can guess who they are.


By the way, the two staff members have each been given a copy of  why does my neck hurt?  I have also told them to watch out because the posture police are lurking close by with the camera.

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