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Golf Performance Training Tips To Improve Power

Posted Oct 23 2010 12:00am
Michael Martin Michael Martin
Equinox Fitness Elite Personal Trainer

Golf as we know today has evolved into a power game due to golf courses getting longer and tougher. In order to keep up with the challenging courses, it is critical to train your body. Take one look at the professional golf players on tour today, you’ll see strong, lean bodies. Having a great physique can help you not only increase your distance off the tee, but avoid the injuries that frequent golfers: low back problems, golfer’s elbow, flexibility issues and fatigue. Why would you not want to reach your full potential? If you would like to play more consistent golf, hit the ball further and decrease your injuries, than you are in the right spot. Below you will find a series of exercises that will help you reach your potential by increasing your core strength, increasing your balance and increasing your flexibility.

Plank with Rotation: 2 sets of 8 on each side
In order to create width in your back swing, try planks with rotation.

In a full push-up position, squeeze your shoulder blades together as if you were holding a pencil between them and active your core by pulling in your belly button into your spine. Lift your right hand off to the side and begin rotating through the core until you are looking at your fingers at the ceiling; all while keeping your feet and left hand in contact with the floor. Alternate sides and repeat.

Cable Wood Choppers: 2 sets of 20
To increase swing speed and posture stability, try a cable wood chopper.

Utilizing a cable tower, position the cable at the highest level and use a weight that you can complete 20 repetitions. Standing in the addressed golf position with your arms outstretched, rotate as if you are going through your downswing. As you are rotating through the impact position, it is very important to maintain a tall spine to activate your core and hip rotation. Repeat and switch sides.

Single Leg Ball Toss: 2 sets of 20
To increase balance through the golf swing, try a single leg ball toss.

Stand about 4 feet from a wall and balance on one leg while holding a rubber ball. Be sure not to lock out the knees and toss the ball off of the wall 20 times and switch legs. Repeat.

Foam Roll Low Back
To decrease low back pain and to increase posture, try to foam roll your low back.

Utilizing a foam roller, place it under your low back perpendicular to your spine. Lift your hips off the ground; support your head with your hands and roll back and forth on the low back 10-20 times.

To learn more about specific golf exercises to increase performance and decrease injury on and off the golf course stop by an Equinox near you. We have the leading personal trainers in the industry and a quality member experience that you can not miss.

Michael Martin
Personal Training Manager
301 Pine St.
San Francisco, CA

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