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Global Warming Takes Center Stage. Is There A Connection Between The Health Of The Planet And The Health Of Our Human Bodies?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:34pm

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Well, it looks like the crusade against global warming has reached a critical mass. Just a few years ago most people would consider all the chatter, background noise. Sure, there was plenty of scientific data to support the greenhouse gas theory, but the only time we ever heard anything about it was when someone did some kind of a crazy protest. Now, global warming is front and center, where it should be. What if I were to tell you that there was a connection between global warming (the health of our planet) and sickness and disease (the health of our bodies). As most of you know, it is my belief that the majority of our health problems stem from the diet that we eat. Specifically, meat and dairy products (animal protein). Recently, this line of thinking has burst into the mainstream with books such as The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. But, still, the reality of how animal foods are killing us has not penetrated the thick skulls of the decision makers, like the global warming problem seems to be doing. I guess it's a lot easier to switch out your light bulbs to florescent, buy a hybrid vehicle, and buy solar panels, than it is to take your precious steak and eggs away. The reality is that it is very very difficult for people to address their diet, that's just the way it is. So, what is the connection between planetary health and human health ? The connection is that 30% of the lands surface is dedicated towards livestock production (can you believe this). And to make room for this we had to destroy natural forest lands and rain forest that were part of our Biodiversity (Ecosystem). Get this...18% of ALL greenhouse gases come from livestock production. This is actually more than the greenhouse gases generated by transportation. Are you starting to get the picture ? I am going to refer you over to Dr. John McDougall, M.D.s website for the full story. Yes, everything is inter-connected. What's good for the earth, is good for us. We are nothing more that cells in the body of the earth.

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