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GHD Scarlet Collection others to reopen and balance it

Posted Jan 18 2013 7:36am

GHD Australia Sale Do you know the meaning of spirituality? What is a spiritual person? A spiritual person is who cares about people, animals and even planets. He knows that all are one and he consciously attempts to honour this oneness. He has the benevolent approach and kind heart and strives for the well-being of humanity. Meditation is a path which takes you to spirituality. When one talks about meditation, it seems something very spiritual, devoting and which cannot be practiced easily, but it is wrong.

Once you accept this, you are ready to pull this golden energy up toward the heart, where it turns a radiant and lovely green. Sorrow, grief, and betrayal shut down this center quite early in our lives. It takes understanding and loving others to reopen and balance it. In the naval chakra, we recognized our own selfish drives as the universal will to live and be, which is the first step toward compassion. In the heart center, we use compassion and forgiveness to further rid ourselves of fear, and to bravely choose a life spirituality GHD Scarlet Collection Gift Set Hair Straightener and love. This choice gleefully allows energy to flow into the throat. The indigo energy of the throat is our higher drive. We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings, we cannot be one or the other, we must be all three. Here we recognize our many natures and seek wisdom from our higher selves. We pull the indigo energy up into the third eye, between the eyes on the brow, where it becomes light violet. Our intellect is what allows us to be self-reflective, which is the only path to spirituality. Without self-awareness and the ability to reason, we could never be fully developed humans. This is the center for insight, but it is not the highest mind. This lies in the crown chakra, just above our heads.

The energy from the root chakra has traveled through every energy center, becoming cleansed and combining with more and more complex wavelengths. It is finally ready to be fully cleansed in the deep violet and bright white of the crown chakra. Simply imagine this energy pouring from the root, up the body and and out of the top of the head like a fountain as it envelops you and renews your entire aura. Your should feel a sensation of overwhelming strength and bliss. Conclusion: Slowly leave the meditation by coming down onto your back and lying perfectly relaxed for one to two minutes with your arms at your sides. Bring your focus back to your breath, then slowly wiggle GHD NZ Cheap your toes and fingers. Rotate your wrists and ankles, turn your head side to side, and then end your meditation with a promise to yourself to let whatever peace you found guide you throughout your day or week, especially when dealing with others.

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