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Getting Back on Track

Posted Nov 06 2008 9:44pm

Getting Back On Track To Lose Weight.


Don’t you wish you could shed off those extra pounds, and feel good at the same time!   With all of the diets, pills, and infomercials you are probably confused about what is the best and correct way to lose weight.   Should you take the newest diet pill?   Should you try “South Beach Diet,” “Atkins Diet,” “NutriSystem,” “Celebrity Miracle Diet,” “Weight Watchers,”?   What is the RIGHT choice!?


“Today is September 13, 2006.   I started my 21 day weight loss and detox program on July 24, 2006.   You told me it would change my life, and you are right and I know this is just the beginning to enjoying optimum health.   The changes I have already experienced are:

•           Clearer thinking (I was always in a state of overwhelm and felt in a fog)

•         Physical Improvements – I lost 14 pounds, most of which was body fat.   Also, before detox I always experienced swelling in my feet, ankles and hands.   After detox I have little to no swelling even at the end of the day.  

•         I have been able to get off 3 prescription drugs.   I no longer take Nexium, Attivan (for anxiety), or Premarin.

•         I have not been to a fast food restaurant in 8 weeks. My cravings are down 95%…UNBELIEVABLE!!!”             

-S. Wood


Many diet plans can make you drop some weight right away…but they don’t show you how to eat healthy and keep the weight off.   They may be unaware that not eating carbohydrates and taking pills probably isn’t a good idea if you want to get rid of those extra pounds once and for all.   Research is also showing that many people end up heavier than they were to begin with after they finish their diets.   So, prepare yourself for how you can naturally and safely get rid of your unwanted fat cells.


Being over weight can be an embarrassing, potentially disabling epidemic that is sweeping America as we speak.   Many of your family, friends, and co-workers will experience the same inability to lose weight that you do because of a number of factors including misinformation and inappropriate treatments or diets.   That’s why I am writing this column…so keep reading to find out what many nutrition experts don’t know about weight loss.


You see, what’s so dangerous about being over weight is that it’s not an injury like a broken bone or a cut or scrape.   Obesity comes on slowly.   You don’t notice it at first, or maybe you just brush off the reality that you are getting heavier thinking it’s nothing, and then it slowly builds and builds.   You start feeling self conscious and even pain sometimes due to carrying more weight.   It gets harder to get around.   You become more irritable.   You start taking pills to get through the day.   You start trying to starve yourself just to drop a couple pounds.


Every day, millions of overweight, obese sufferers make the mistake of getting on the wrong diet because they don’t know the information you’re about to read. Using an inappropriate diet or pill may result in your weight gain becoming more severe, and worse yet, you may never lose weight, or you may receive multiple unnecessary health consequences. Don’t put yourself at risk for misery, suffering, and the decreased income from missing time from work.


The main problem with the kind of diets and treatments many advisors give for conditions like weight loss is that they never go after the root of the problem, but focus on the symptoms, in your case; excess pounds, irritating pains, and possibly some self-esteem issues.   And when these diets get old (which they do), you’ll often find they only cause you to lose weight for a short time and did nothing to fix what’s causing your weight gain in the first place.


Since none of the treatments you may be using are meant to actually correct the true cause of your problem, logic says your condition will only get worse.   You’ll be wearing bigger and bigger clothes, longer and longer, and any diet pills you may take will have to get stronger and stronger.   If you’re like most of the people I’ve talked to who have suffered from excessive weight gain for a long time, your life has probably become less than it should be.


If you would like to discover the easiest way to eliminate the true cause of unnecessary weight gain, Dr. Gray can help.   He will be presenting seminar on Monday, February 25 th, where he will give you an in-depth look at what is causing your weight gain and how you can naturally and safely eliminate it.   To reserve your seat, call the 24 hour recorded message at 1-800-715-6679 OR go to for details.   Seating is LIMITED, so reserve your seat NOW.


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