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General Facts About Back Stiffness

Posted Jan 01 2011 7:48am

About all of us handle back trouble at least one time in lifetime. It is such a common health concern that we take it for granted that we know all facts related to it. There are 1 or 2 back stiffness complexities all might not know. Here are some, and you might get rather startled to understand them.

Americans spend $15 bn. on treating the problem each year. There are almost 6 million cases of mechanical back pain reported each year. Apropos treatment, back pain is the 3rd most expensive health problem after coronary disease and cancer.

Though , there are many reasons for sciatica and back pain, occupational injury is considered to be the most typical cause. If you go by the study by Bureau of Work Stats, there were approximately 123,000 work related back injuries in the year 2004.

Many folks believe that back trouble sufferers deal with the same kind of pain. However, this isn’t true. As an interesting point, back stiffness can be split into various types relying on different criterions. Some of the common types of back trouble include chronic or acute and categorical or non-specific. Quite contrary to what many people believe, sciatica is also a kind of back stiffness and not the reason for the problem. Back trouble can also be classified relying upon the site of pain along the backbone. There may be lower back discomfort, mid back trouble, neck pain and the like.

There is not any as such one categorical cause of back pain. Likewise, there are a few causes of sciatica too. Physical injury, poor posture, trauma, lack of acceptable rest, tumors, conditions related to the spine are examples of the frequent reasons for back stiffness. These causes too can be split into varied categories and sub classes.

Just like back pain has different causes, it has no specific symptom as such. The symptoms also differ from person to person. Nevertheless, some prime symptoms associated with back pain are insensibility, weakness, shivering, shooting discomfort primarily in leg region, bowel or bladder retention, and alike. But few symptoms such as sensation in legs and pelvis need immediate medical examination.

As sciatica is very costly to treat, there is good news for all the sufferers. There are several treatments available to make a choice from. You can select the treatment that best suits you. There are treatments like the acupressure, acupuncture, music treatment, chiropractic treatment and the like. You have to choose which one to choose between depending on your need and the facility to spend.

Now that you know so many facts about the issue, you should be able to deal with it in a much better demeanour. So start to hit back pain in a rather more efficient way.

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