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Funky Dancing With Disabilities:Amazing Guys!!

Posted Dec 02 2007 12:00am
People who go against the odds and do amazing things in the face of adversity always humble me...

I work with children who have various disabliites and who have to face things in their young lives I never had to face....

When I got back pain and sciatica and was in severe pain I thought of them to give me inspiration and to never give up. Yes I got very down, angry and frustrated and admit to tears. There were times I wondered if it was ever going to get any better but I thought well if they can deal with all they have to cope with then I can deal with back issues.

I learnt to focus on what I could do and knew I had to keep looking for my solution.

I came across a video the other day that I think is amazing and thought to share with you. These are cool guys...

I am not saying people with back pain should undergo physical feats if they do not feel able to or it is not safe, but just to be aware you are amazing too for coping with all you do and there is much more to you than your physical self which you can harness to help you. I cover more of this when you click on this link: coping with the stress of back pain using your powerful mind

The human spirit and will to overcome our physical limitations never ceases to amaze me.

Click on this link to watch the video of these amazing guys!

Now I couldnt even dance like these guys when I had no physical issues!
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