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Fractured my lumbar spine at 10y/o. Now at 24, can my old fracture suddenly cause new problems? aching, paralysis, tingling?

Posted by kjfirepoppy

I am a 24y/o female ex-gymnast. When I was 13 I was diagnosed with a lumbar stress fracture. No surgury was required as they "caught it too late to treat it". Later, when I was 19 I was rear-ended and nearly required a cervical fusion but did not undergo surgery as it was borderline and the risk to my vocal chords was too great (I was a voice major). Now I am an EMT and I am finding that although I am strong, I am experiencing severe  aching behind my knees that extends down my lower legs to numbness in my toes. Also, my legs have been completely falling asleep on me (I have woken up and collapsed because both of my legs were completely paralyzed). Are my new problems related to my old injuries?
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