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Foot pain can be helped with Chiropractic.

Posted Dec 29 2010 7:45am

In our Chiropractic office we treat a lot of foot pain. Many people don’t realize that I can help them with two common foot problems: Heel spurs and Morton’s Neuromas. Heel pain can be treated with Chiropractic care and surgery can be avoided in many cases. Many patients will come in with pain and their doctors will have suggested cortisone shots or surgery. Both treatments will decrease the symptoms but unless the cause is address, the pain will return.

Foot pain in the form of heel spurs occur when the fascia along the bottom of your foot becomes stretched and Chiropractic care is very effective. This stretching occurs with injury or if you have flat feet because of the loss of the arch in the foot. The first this we would do to correct the problem is to adjust the ankle and foot to reduce the acute painful phase of injury. Understanding that adjustments are also a temporary fix we would support the arch either with ace type bandage or scan the patient for orthotics.

By providing long term relief with custom support the tight fascia is relaxed and the pressure is removed from the foot area. Go to our website at to find out about the custom orthotics we carry in this office.

Another foot pain problem that can be treated successfully with Chiropractic is Morton’s Neuroma. A neuroma is a benign overgrowth of a nerve. In the foot, this overgrowth develops in the space between the bones of the foot called the metatarsals usually between the third and forth toes. As this area becomes irritated, the nerve responds by thickening itself which further irritates. It becomes a viscous cycle. As the neuroma grows the function of the nerve is interfered with and more pain results.

Mortons Neuroma is primarily caused by a change in the transverse arch of the foot. This arch is across the ball of the foot and any biomechanical dysfunction of the forefoot especially too much rotation or side to side movements of the bones will start the process of neuroma development. Your medical doctor will again suggest a cortisone shot or surgery but again if the cause is not addressed the problem will re-occur.

Treating Morton’s neuroma with Chiropractic care involves adjustments to the foot as well as custom orthotics. Another important treatment for Morton’s neuroma is proper shoes.  Shoes with extreme point in the toes are a neuroma waiting to happen.

To find out more how we can help contact us at or call 860-620-9523.

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