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Foam Neck Pillows- Heavy, Hot, Hard and Smelly, are they Worth it?

Posted May 29 2010 8:05am

There are a lot of versatile foam neck pillows out on the market today. Can anyone say "TemperPedic" ? Foam is not for everyone, but there are people who love foam neck pillows. The popular memory foam is also known as viscoelastic foam has become popular in the last few years. Memory foam is special because it responds to a person's body heat by molding to the shape of ones head and neck area. This type of neck pillow is great for an acute injury. You may have re-injured an old injury to the neck or suffered whiplash after a motor vehicle accident. It can be comfortable and supportive and accomodating because it molds to your head and neck area.

Another type of foam neck pillow is one that is composed of polyurathane foam which is designed to be more comfortable and durable. These foam neck pillows can be used at any stage of any injury. Polyurethane can also help to maintain correct neck posture as well.

Possible Disadvantages of using a Foam Neck Pillow: Sometimes, memory foam pillows have a strong odor to them, to which some people are sensitive. That's latex, and it is a common allergic substance. Usually though this smell goes away and a person gets used to it. The pillows made out of foam are also heavier than a regular pillow. For others, memory foam gets very hot, and that can also get uncomfortable. Finally, for some people memory foam is just too hard of a surface to sleep on.

Great Foam Pillows available that the Neck Pillow Queen Recommends:

  • Core Memory Foam Neck Pillow - great for an acute injury, will accomodate to your head and neck

  • Memory Air Core Adjustable - this foam pillow comes with an ability to adjust how much firmness you need in your pillow. Includes an air insert that increases lobe firmness with every pump !

    Memory air core adjustable neck pillow

  • Econowave Foam Neck Pillow - this pillow has two different lobes for different levels of support. Whats so special about the wave? Apparently it allows for air to circulate while soothing your neck at the same time, who knew?

  • Basic Cervical Foam Neck Pillow - popular, effective foam pillow for under $40.

  • Memory Plus Neck Pillow - Get the best of both worlds of foam: the Base of the pillow is made out of polyurethane foam which promotes good neck posture, and the top layer is memory foam for extra comfort during sleep.

So Yes, I do think that foam neck pillows have a place and a use. Sometimes you need support under your head that is going to accomodate to what you have going on. You may stick with using the memory foam neck pillow forever after; but then again, you may just use it for when you have that extra pain in the neck, and go back to your regular neck pillow !

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