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fluid on the spine

Posted by Sandy's Tax

 Slip and fall on left side of my body and I have previous injury to cervical 2-7 and

 Lumbar L1 - L5. I have been getting worse pains up and down my left leg,   sharp   pains, needles like pains on and under my left foot; pains sharp on left side of my body coming around to my stomach and sharp pains on left side going around to back of spine.  I went to hospital and I was told I have fluid on my spine.  This weekend my pain was very intense.  Tuesday morning I could not move or roll over. my left side felt very, very heavy like dead weight. When I move my joints are popping out of my shocks.  My body is very heavy on my left side like I am paralized.  CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON PLEASE 

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