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Posted Sep 11 2010 5:11am

For many, not all Fibromyalgia and other related arthritis conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthrits and also MS, sufferers have 'flare-ups' as the seasons change.

They have been called 'walking barometers' in the past and can sense impeding weather.

I am certainly experienced a flare-up at the moment which includes muscle pain, headache, fatigue and awful sleep patterns.

A large percentage of Fibromyalgia sufferers may be sensitive to this, but as I mentioned above they are not alone.

Cold temperatures seem to make it worse and warm can ease the symptoms. Barometric pressure can trigger muscles aches and pains and the same with humidity and wind.

Symptoms wax and wave and we can feel in complete control one day and no control at all on the next.

Bad flare-ups can include, profuse sweating, irritability, inability to sleep, lethargy, increased pain, fatigue and fog and these symptoms for some can be magnified ten fold.

Over the years I've learnt this time of season change for me is the most painful and you forget how many symptoms raise their heads when the flare up starts.

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