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Factors that affect your feet and cause pain.

Posted Nov 01 2010 5:19am

There are several factors that affect your feet and can cause not only foot pain but back pain as well. Foot pain is very common and as a chiropractor I am constantly seeing the relationship between “bad” feet and back pain.

Your genetics is one factor that affect your feet resulting in pain. If your mom and/or dad had flat feet there is a good chance that you do to and that you will pass it on to your children. I start checking kids feet around age 7.

Another factor affecting your feet is the surface you stand on. Concrete and stone are the worst surfaces for the feet. The harder the surface, the more stress on the arches and the faster the feet will collapse. Dirt, rubber tracks, carpeting and grass are all sorfter surfaces that offer some cushion to the feet.

Of course a major factor affecting your feet are shoes. Most shoes have some type support for the inside arch of the foot but neglect the outside arch as wel as the ach across the ball of your foot. I suggest your bring your shoes into our offivce where we can test and see if your shoes are part of your back problem. We can be reached via our website at

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