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Exercising wrong in the gym can cause low back pain.

Posted Jul 12 2010 3:46pm

As a Chiropractor, I am aware of the causes of low back pain and how important proper exercising is. When I am in the gym, I will see all kinds of things that will cause people to end up in my office.

Lots of people use the treadmill in their gym for cardio exercise and the way they to it can cause low back pain. Do you do this? Walk on the treadmill with the incline way up and you hold on for dear life so you don’t fall off the back. If so, you will hurt your back and low back pain is in your future.

When you walk on the treadmill. Use a normal stride. That means you swing your arms. If you have to hold on you are going to fast or your incline is too much. Change one or the other until you can walk comfortably and not risk falling. You will get a better work out with out hurting your back.  And if you do have back pain, call our office at 860-620-9523 or visit

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