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Exercise to prevent spine pain.

Posted Sep 06 2010 5:14am

It started a year ago, a simple concept…using exercise to prevent spine pain and health problems. This idea has gained the support and respect of various individuals in the health and chiropractic communities including Lee Haney, former chairman of the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and then Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson. This program, called Straighten Up America has a shot at national attention and congressional funding.

Straighten Up America is a spinal health program to promote a daily commitment to spinal health and preventing spine pain. With in the program is a 3 minute set of simple spinal exercises that people would do like they brush their teeth. The hope of the program is to teach Americans of all sizes, ages and racial and ethnic backgrounds positive spinal health habits. The program will target children, to establish good habits at an early age.

In my office and in other chiropractor and alternative health providers and probably in your primary doctor’s office, exercises are recommended for treatment of back pain as well as for general health and disease prevention. Multi-billions of dollars are spent each year on treatment for spinal disabilities and diseases, but many of them can be prevented by simple exercises. These exercises have fun names like Sky Reaches, Picking Apples, Hummingbirds, Trap Openers and Just Hangin’. They address groups of muscles in each segment of the spine: neck, mid-back and low back. Anyone can do them: children, adults and elderly, but get your doctors ok first.

By improving the flexibility and strength in your spine, the need for pain killing drugs will be reduced. Your organs will all work better because your posture will improve. You will be able to breathe more fully providing your body with oxygen and eliminating more waste. Your bowls will work better and fewer toxins will be absorbed. And you will start the day right which can only improve your outlook on life itself.

Imagine a strong, healthy body. What could you do? What could you accomplish? A lot of great things I bet. Imagine a strong healthy country. Imagine the need for drugs to be reduced…that would certainly help reduce the skyrocketing cost of health care. This program also includes a short set of healthy lifestyle recommendations that fit with the goals of “Healthy people 2010”, “America on the Move”, “Steps to a Healthier U.S.” and the “5 A Day” programs. If you are interested in learning more about the program, check out or call our office at 860-620-9523. We will be happy to send you the exercises and information.  Our website, has more info about exercise as well.

We make choices in our life: Choose to live tobacco free, to eat healthy natural foods and avoid refined sweets. Choose good posture, a balanced supportive back pack for school and a supportive mattress. Choose to be quiet, to serve and to be kind to your spine.

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