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Exercise helps to combate fatigue.

Posted Oct 27 2010 7:01pm

Many people are like I am, tired, but they are tired all the time. They drag from one task to another, not realizing that this chronic fatigue is not necessary but have no idea what to do about it.

There are several causes of Chronic Fatigue ranging from occasional overtime activities to compulsive behaviors. Having to work extra hard for a short period can be overcome with adequate sleep once the pressure is off. Compulsiveness is a different story and is beyond my scope. There are other causes as well such as poor circulation or poor diet. These causes are something I can give you a few hints on.

A lot of times I will ask patients if they get any exercise. They say…sure, I run around all day at work, I do a lot of yard work, I clean my house etc, etc. This is not is not exercise. When you do all the activities you are required to do but don’t want to do, you create tension, mental and physical. This interferes with good circulation. I suggest you try doing a few exercises just for the sake of doing movements. Go for a walk first thing in the morning either outside of on a treadmill. Do a few pushups or try a few jumping jacks. Get your heart pumping and breathing deeply. It really helps to start your day. If you have health issues which prevent these exercises, contact my office and I am sure I will be able to suggest something for you.  Visit our website at or call my office at 860-620-9523 if you are in the Connecticut area.

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