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Executive Express Chiropractic San Francisco: Your San Francisco "Social Back Doctor"

Posted Apr 10 2010 12:00am

Chiropractors San Francisco

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Executive Express Chiropractic different from other chiropractors?

A: Well, we used our previous 17 years experience in the chiropractic profession to learn by listening to what patients want. We found that a patient's #1 complaint was wait time to see the doctor.  So we eliminated it.  We have zero to just a few minutes wait time. We also realized that most patients liked the flexibility of not having to make an appointment at all. So we decided to offer walk-in service.  Then we took it a step further and decided we would have open hours all day, 9-6pm, and even Saturday 9-1.  The last thing we want is for a patient to walk over to the clinic and find that it’s closed. It’s also impossible to find a place to park in downtown San Francisco (and expensive too)… but not at our clinic. We validate parking at the Embarcadero Center . Is it tough pulling all this off? Sure it is…but that’s what we do. And we do it with a smile. Embarcadero Center  location, Walk-in, no wait, concierge level service with validated parking.  That’s Executive Express Chiropractic.  There is no substitute (Read our New Patient Welcome Letter ).

Q: Why are you called the Social Back Doctor?

A: Our roots are in San Francisco (since 1992). We grew our business through the dot-com boom and bust into one of the most successful chiropractic clinics in the world. We accomplished this by being the first clinic in our area to bring new treatment technologies to our patients along with world class service and patient education. In addition, we have always been on the cutting edge as far as media and online communications is concerned. We are also very passionate about delivering our chiropractic message to the most people in the most effective way. And right now that platform is Social Media. We love it…don’t you? 

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer traditional (hands-on) chiropractic care. Motion assisted (Leander table) modern chiropractic adjustments. Active Release Techniques (ART). Graston Method. Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression with the DRX9000 (lumbar) and DRX9000c (cervical). LiteCure Class IV (the most advanced) Deep Tissue Laser Therapy . Exercise therapy & rehabilitation. Nutritional and ergonomic counseling.  We also have a Corporate Outreach “Wellness” Program where we help companies educate their employees on staying healthy. We also offer   Lunch & Learn Seminars  as well as Mobile (on-site)Chair Massage services.  

Q: What conditions do you treat?

A: We treat most musculoskeletal conditions such as back, neck, and shoulder pain. But we are also experts in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), sports injuries (such as ankle and knee sprains, tennis elbow, and hip pain) and headaches (including migraines). We are known as the San Francisco Spinal Decompression Center   because of our nonsurgical treatment of herniated and bulging discs with the DRX9000 and DRX9000c. Laser therapy enables us to treat conditions such as TMJ and Bells Palsy, along with muscle tears and post surgical pain syndromes.  We also treat quite a few whiplash victims, as chiropractic is considered the treatment of choice for soft tissue injuries.

Q: How long does an office visit take?

A: A typical office visit is 30 minutes or less with zero to a few minutes wait-time. The first visit will take a little longer because we need to examine you and discuss your problem. You can save time by filling out our secure online intake form and submitting it prior to your first visit.  We always ask patients how they are doing on time as our reputation depends on efficient, comprehensive service…that is consistent. Sure, we get emergency patients and difficult cases that require more time…and some patients want a little extra time if they are really hurting or stressed out…No Problem…we will do it with a smile.

Q: Are your treatments safe?

A: Let’s put it this way…Your chances of getting struck by lightning are greater than your chances of getting hurt by a chiropractor (for real). A chiropractor’s malpractice insurance, even for the maximum limits is very low…only a few thousand dollars per year. And everyone knows insurance rates are based on actual event risks. Chiropractic is very safe…and gentle too. Chiropractic is good for kids and elderly patients also. In fact, they say that most problems adults present with in a chiropractic office started from spills and falls as a child.    

Q: What are your fees, and do you take insurance?

A: Our cash fees range from $60-$100 for chiropractic care. We accept most PPO insurance. We are in network for Blue Shield and United Health Care. With insurance there are normal deductibles and co-payments. We also accept auto med-pay insurance. Spinal decompression and laser therapy are case by case depending on how many areas are involved and what adjunctive therapies we need to provide.   We have flexible payment plans, case fees, and in-house financing. Plus, we accept all major credit cards. We offer a complimentary “secure” online insurance benefits check .

Q: Do you work with medical doctors…what if you can’t help me?

A: Yes…we work closely with One Medical Group at the Embarcadero Center and many of our patient’s primary physicians to make sure our patient’s get the right kind of care. We refer out routinely for medical opinions.

For more information about Executive Express Chiropractic go to: , or call us at 415-392-2225. 

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