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Evolution, genetics and Chiropractic

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm

Whether you believe in evolution, creationism or intelligent design, human beings continue to evolve through our genetics, although we ourselves don’t notice the process. Our lives are short in comparison to the lengths of time involved. We are able to observe that humans are certainly taller and live much longer than the humans of 1000 years ago. These changes represent evolutionary advantages.

The genes you’ve inherited from your parents determine all of your physical characteristics. Your genetic heritage also contributes, to a variable extent, to your personality, your interests, your choice of activities, and your choice of profession. Your genes are very closely involved with your health and well-being. From the point of view of genetics and evolution, an individual human being has an advantage if they are healthy and well. If such a person has children it is likely they will be healthy and well, too. They will survive and pass on whatever genetic advantages they have gained.

But there’s much more to making you who you are.  The DNA code packed into every one of your cells is only the starting point. The ways in which your genes are expressed are also determined by environmental and socioeconomic factors and the availability of raw materials.

On an individual level we’re not able to alter our genes. But we are able to take steps to make our bodies strong and help ensure our cellular and genetic processes are functioning at their highest level. Cells need the right raw materials and the right metabolic environment in order to function properly. So, healthy food in the right quantities and sufficient amounts of regular exercise are important. A significant part of the environment we often overlook is the nerve system – the guiding system of our internal environment. A key critical factor is proper functioning of the nerve system, which coordinates all your body’s activities. The nerve system, conductor of your physiologic orchestra, makes sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

If nerve signals are blocked or not flowing freely, gene expression may become disordered and disorganized. The proper information isn’t getting through and health begins to break down. A healthy nerve system is needed to help ensure such health and wellness. Chiropractic care helps restore nerve system function which helps optimize cellular function and normal genetic activity. Chiropractic care helps ensure that your nerve system is functioning at peak efficiency and doing what it’s supposed to do.

Chiropractic care optimizes biomechanical function of spinal vertebras which optimizes the free flow of nerve signals throughout your body. These nerve signals coordinate the work of all body systems. Raw materials reach cells when they’re needed. Genetic function is optimized, cellular products are produced on time, and the cell divides when necessary.

Proper flow of information and instructions transmitted via the nerve system helps ensure health and well-being at the very deepest level. Your genetic advantage is passed on when you’re healthy and well. Chiropractic care helps make this happen.  Our office specializes in helping people achieve their maximum genetic potential.  Go to our website at to find out more about us.

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